Free fruity garden is open

Whoever wishes to come to spend winter and enjoy our garden in Kenya is welcome for free. any questions:



Good news for all light-seekers 🙂

After a couple of months it will be a year since we got the first piece of land on the Lake Victoria. Good time to make some conclusions and bring ideas for further self-sustainable flight.

One of the ideas of the project is to let everyone pass his personal experience out of the cell and entry on the level of trust, merging with nature and inner-self. This stage we believe is necessary to pass for every person. To do this, we assumed that every visitor will be able to start the way we once started, namely: 1.Have sincere desire and believe. 2. Settle on a new site alone or with a few like-minded people, and above all to do a garden for future self-sufficiency. Despite the enormous time that went for organization and stabilization, we already have a huge garden: papaya (about 400 trees), bananas, passion-fruits. In one month we will begin to harvest. And this is stable and natural supply which does not require any maintenance for producing food. Moreover, after the first 3 months of our stay on the island, we already had our kiwano, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons and melons (although planted out of season), and some tomatoes. Plus there were planted about 40 different kinds of fruit trees and 50 species of flowers and shrubs. All listed above is located at the 0.5 acres of land. In a year or two tamariyo and white sapote will start to produce.

But at the moment we have several pieces of land with nobody living there. People just bought the land and went away. I have an impression that most of the people coming here to participate in some kind of fruitarian party, pursuing the goals totally opposite to ours. Among 50 people who had visited us this year nobody has started his own garden. Of course, there were some attempts, but the results are zero. Obviously the fire of will lasts for two months. Everybody prefers to live in already prepared comfort zone, enjoying endless entertainments of mind: talking, eating fruits, reading, and as a consequence appear – apathy, laziness, or worse – depression, aggressiveness and disease. We warn one more time: you will not succeed here unless you have a goal to settle on a new place alone or with a few like-minded people to create your own world, to reach a level of self-sufficiency and natural self-development. It turns out that in the letters (in theory) everyone wants to come over prepared, carrying hundreds of seeds for planting and so on, but experience shows that any small obstruction can cause a person to go back to the usual comfortable conditions on the next day after arrival to the island. On the other hand many newcomers tend to attach to the main camp, where permanent residents are engaged in their garden and ready for a new phase of self-development, where the communication is minimized. Just recently there was a striking example: we were in total – 15 people, all of them wanted to talk to me. Once I woke up with the idea to work in the tree nursery. At 7.00 took the seeds and started his hundred-meter run (from one end of the site to another), but it turned out that I was getting there only in the evening and finishing planting with a torch.

Thus we decided to simplify the process of new person’s synchronization with the world and with himself. So, the first few days he (or she) lives with us and get some skills and information necessary for independent life on the island (people who want to come here should clearly realize that it is not a fruitarian festival and we do not miss the lack of communication, for further growth we need just peace and privacy) and then he goes to live on his own land (if it’s bought so fast), or placed on one of the vacant lands owned by the community for the period until he gets his own land. Of course we’ll meet on certain days for discussing all issues and help newbies with advice. At the moment, it is more important to pay attention to the world and inner-self, rather than to go into the endless chatter of the mind and entertainment. That way you will always and everywhere have the time. So in your hands is all. And why do we all have been drove here? – that is, for the land where you can create beauty, have free time, fruits, solitude with nature and yourself, like-minded friends – all for free and  all for self-healing.

Therefore, we ask you – are you ready to stay alone or with 1-3 other newcomers in order to give yourself a simple answer – whether it is what you really want at this stage of your life or not? And only then we can we talk about the expansion of a new consciousness and turning the entire planet into a paradise. Because if we all sit in one point, the paradise we are dreaming of will not appear soon. Recently, when I was planting flowers I came up with a good idea how to make decisions. If you are in a difficult situation and doubting to make a decision, simply multiply all given choices on 100 or more times. So, very quickly all will become clear.

Faith, light and healthy intentions to all of you 🙂


Dear friends,

We decided to delete all information from our blog. The main reason is that this info has nothing to do with our present life and we don’t want anybody to use it in any way, shape or form. Those posts were written by a former members of the community and some past visitors and no longer reflect the reality.

We keep living in peace and harmony, doing the best we can to create a beauty on this planet.

Have a nice day!